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Restaurant @ Leelanau Sands Casino & Lodge
I work in customer service and if I would give less than a star if I could. I have never had such a horrible experience trying to get a hold of someone to help me cancel my room reservation. Over a month ago I sent an email attempting to cancel my reservation, two weeks later I called room reservations asking about the status and was told I needed to talk to a manager. The phone number they gave me was for a sister hotel - not Leelanau. I did try both phone numbers on Leelanau's website to no avail. I tried to email again this time attaching my original email with the date and time stamp. Now it's just past the weekend of the reservation and they have charged the full amount of the room plus an extra $20. My attempts to call and email have not ended - I have decided to take this up as fraud with my bank and MasterCard. It's no problem booking a room but good luck if you need to cancel- no one will call nor email you back.