Casino Bar
Restaurant @ Montego Bay Hotel Casino Resort
Let's start out by saying what I liked about this place............. With that being said here's what I hated. One they said check in was at three we had to wait till 4 cuz "they was short staffed today." I wouldn't have cared be my Wife and I had drove 4 hours to get there and didn't want to sit down.when a very over weight woman laying across the counter to hold herself up helping us across the counter helpin us everytime she tryed to bend over her vest almost popped open. Then it's like she was doing us a favor even being there. I tryed to ask where the best place to have dinner was she said "I don't know" staying chearful I asked the ask the other three lady's behind her watching her work and they looked back at me and said NOTHING then walked in the back office and started talking in spainsh the girl helping us kept weighing in on there conversation saying things in spainsh to her friends not caring about the now 4 pepole behind us now. We finally got to our room and unpacked we went looking around the gift shop this lady was eating behind the counter I asked how she was again nothing..... WTF????? Picked up a few things asked her where to eat again nothing she grabbed her plate and went back too eating. We looked around very dirty and dusty we sat and played slots for an hour working up a to go eat couldn't find a cocktail waitress to save our lifes finely had to go to the bar and the dumbass didn't even know how to make a Pina colata..... The other Casino was lovely and clean we should have stayed there won't say what one but it's where the Bimini buffet is. the pepole that worked there said hi and we had a awesome time then we went back to our hell hole for the night the next day we had breakfast there everything was cold there a hour and half and only got one dam cup of coffee was got in our car went looking around the best service we got was the guy at Pizza hut OMFG HE ROCKS!!!!!!! The wife and I went out gamblin again that night and had at a another casino the next day we checked out there was the fat chick again laying across the counter again her shirt was missing a buttion now I asked how her day was she just asked for my ID where we payed cash someone had to go look at the room to make sure it was ok she tryed radio in a lady after ten mins of trying find someone on her radio she just gave us our deposit rather and asking one of the giggling friends to do it talking in the back room she kept talking to so in short DON'T STAY HERE... DON'T DON'T DON'T STAY HERE DON'T STAY HERE IT'S A DUMP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS NON EXISTENT