The Buffet The Buffet
Restaurant @ Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel
NOT worth the wait and the money. Avoid it at all cost please! I am not sure why many good reviews. If you know something about good food, then Golden Corral is five times better than The Buffet at Wynn. We just finished the buffet on Christmas eve. We were thoroughly disappointed, and that is a understatement. All of our five family members gave a thumb down, zero or one star. We paid $44 something pp for lunch/dinner on Dec. 24th. Given this is a holiday, we don't mind the price. We were so looking forward to this top-rated buffet that we were disappointed in every single way. First of all, the taste - not much. Every single dish we tried is horrible. Wife said, how can you get a meatloaf wrong, and they did. How can you get a steak wrong, and they did. How can you get a grilled salmon wrong, and they did. I couldn't remember a single item that is worth trying the second time. If I can speak to the chief chef, I'd say - go back to school and get better. Second, the selection - many filler items, and no real good dishes. They mark every single sauce an item, go figure. The desert is a disaster. Not much fruit either. Third, the service - Oh, the worst I have every experienced. At the counter, you need to pay first before being seated. I opted to put 16% tips on my credit card - big mistake. The server left our table unattended for 15 minutes, I mean the dirty plates and empty glassed kept piling up, but our server is no where to be seen. When he finally came, I told him he should have collected the dirty plate more often, he said if you need anything please just call me. Come on, I am expected to signal my server every time there is a dirty plate on my table? I would have spoken to a manager to get my 30 dollars tips back had I been mean enough. Oh well, it is Christmas eve, I just couldn't do it to the server even though it was that bad. The decor may be worth 20 to 30 dollars, considering how bad the buffet was. I commend Wynn for being able to attract hundreds of willing customers with such a bad buffet. I know, they don't care for returning customers as there is enough tourists to sustain their profit. By the way, I only write reviews when I am too happy about a product or service or too unhappy. In this case I was so upset I had to speak out to warn my fellow travelers. I should have asked for my money back.