Raffles Cafe Raffles Cafe
Restaurant @ Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Located at the South end of the Las Vegas Strip inside Mandalay Bay. Raffles Café offers a 24-hour casual dining experience with a wide variety of menu choices, including prime cut steaks, seafood and more. The tropical décor is accented by views of the bustling and beautiful beach. We have been here several times this being the fourth visit. We ordered the Super nachos and a Chinese chicken salad. The Chinese Chicken salad was a good portion but the dressing they used was so sweet it was like sugar water instead of a traditional Chicken salad dressing like sesame or maybe peanut. The Nachos were good but there was way-way too much cheese. The chips were so soggy after 5 min it was inedible. We also ordered two ice waters with lemon. We got the water but it took nearly 20 min to get the lemon as we tried to hail our waiter six times as he passed with no response, while four other employees stood taking that were no help.