Starbucks Starbucks
Restaurant @ MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa
I drive thru this Starbucks almost everyday, and never leave reviews. After experiencing one of the most horrific encounters at Starbucks, I will not return to this location again. Not only did I get trapped in a 30 minute drive thru line, my order was wrong, I was overcharged by $6 and no extra drink to show for it, and my three latte drinks were all water. I requested to use my free reward and they didn't use it. Then, when I got home, I realized that all three drinks (chai tea latte, hot chocolate, and green tea latte) were disguised by color, but all water... Like not even drinkable at all. Before driving all the way back, I called to speak to a Starbucks employee about my order. The gentleman employee who answered the phone lacked all customer service skills and any remorse for my $17 order being ruined and not drinkable. He blamed it on being short staffed and said that he didn't have time for my complaints. He told me that I had to be making it up to get a free drink and that there was nothing he could do to fix it. When I asked to speak to a manager, he said no and hung up on me. Not only was the wait outrageous and I was overcharged for drinks I can't drink, but that Starbucks employee completely treated me with no respect or remorse for this unfortunate situation that was caused by them. I will never return to this Starbucks again.