Gordon Ramsay Steak Gordon Ramsay Steak
Restaurant @ Paris Las Vegas
Recommendation: Make your reservation in advance. I did not make a reservation prior to arriving in LV. I basically saw an ad on the strip and said to myself -- we should go there. So, I tried making a reservation online the day before and the only open spots were 10pm. I ended up calling the reservation # the day that I wanted to go and lucked into an 8pm opening. On the day of my reservation, I arrived on time but had to wait a bit to be seated...the place is packed! We were seated by the kitchen in a corner of the restaurant that I'm sure was never meant to be a dining space but, it became one because of the popularity of this place. Once seated, we did have to wait for our server. Once he got to our table he handed us the pre-fix menu and left. I wasn't here for pre-fix -- I don't think many people are. After about ten minutes he was back and seemed to be upset when we declined the pre-fix and requested to see the regular menu. Although at a steak house, I did not order steak. Why you ask? Well, in my opinion steaks are really hard to mess up, especially if you use quality beef. So, I want to see how well a non-steak dish can be put together. To me, that is a good test of quality. So, I went with their signature seafood dish. This is the dish that includes 3 types of fish, scallops and the 1/2 lobster tail (petite). The dish was OK. To me, and this is a taste preference, it lacked seasoning (salt) and since there is no salt on the table, I could not do anything about this. I don't know about you, but when you go to a celebrity chef's place, you expect a wonderful experience. But, I felt like the wonder was missing.