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Restaurant @ Golden Nugget - Biloxi
Had a mixed experience. For starters, pulling up by boat was awesome. We started with some peel and eat shrimp. They were the best shrimp I've ever had. My buddies ordered some fish sandwiches or similar and I ordered a turkey club. The club was right up there with the shrimp. Real thick pieces of turkey, no lunch meat here! The fish on the other hand, all of it had to go back. It had a really bad smell and was definitely freezer burned. Although we couldn't prove it, they definitely weren't the correct species. We sent them back and the waitress said we weren't the only people to do so. She was quite upset because she felt it reflected badly on her and the company. The manager came by and did the right thing. He offered us more of those amazing shrimp. I wanted them but my buddies whose food was tainted had lost their appetite and turned them away. Sad day. Anyways, I had a great time and loved every bit of my food. Waitresses were very very polite and sweet about the incident. We felt horrible as we knew it wasn't her fault. I'll definitely be visiting again when I'm in the area.