Gregory's Steaks and Spirits Gregory's Steaks and Spirits
Restaurant @ Eureka Casino Hotel
Played Three Card Poker for probably three to four hours and had a blast. Our dealer Steve was great, he held a conversation with everyone, kept the game interesting by teasing the cards, and making fun remarks. I only came out even, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing. My only complaint was that some of the other players smoked and it gave me a headache. I wish the casino would do the clean indoor air thing I've heard about -it would have kept me there longer. It's nice that the Eureka is right across the street from the Virgin River Casino as it makes it really easy to get to from the cheap rooms that let you take your pet. And being right off the freeway is great too so you don't have to drive far to get there. The atmosphere is nice at the Eureka, they have a somewhat younger clientele that has a good energy, you often hear people shouting excitably throughout the night. Although with this in mind, the dance floor is a bit sad. The music is relatively generic, and the floor is small and tucked away preventing many people from dancing. The overall feel is a clean, comfortable, and open atmosphere. I would frequent there more often if they were more generous with comps. We tend to go to Virgin River/Casablanca as we get free rooms and food there, more.