Parx Casino Parx Casino
Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Atmosphere is nice but that's the only thing they have going for them. Horrible when it comes to the slot machines. Little to no bonuses and zero payouts. The average bonus payout on a minimum bet is $0.80 - $1.20. Don't bother using a players card, the amount of points that you build isn't worth the cash back (ex. 30 pts = $6.00). If you spend $100, you won't hit 30 pts. If you're like me, I play the minimum amount and yet, $100 may last you 40 minutes, if you're lucky. Don't be surprised if the first 200 spins of a machine gets you nothing. I'd advise everyone to stay away from the Buffalo, jaguar, little red riding hood (and equivalent) machines. They're by far the worst ones in there (they're the most popular). At least AC casinos have 10x-15x points earned on certain days. The ATM fee is also $3.99. Also, a general rule, player's cards are rarely for the players..its used to track which machines are being played the most. As for the rest of the casino, I have no complaints. Bottom line, take the time to drive to AC, you'll have a better time.