Viva Salsa Viva Salsa
Restaurant @ Boulder Station Hotel & Casino
Ok.. where do I start.. Just moved to Vegas from Hawaii.. a friend wanted to meet up for a game of Bingo here at Station Casino on Boulder. We attended the 7pm Bingo game.. didn't win.. so we decided on staying for the 9 o'clock game. All while our 19 year old daughters were in their HORRIBLE movie theaters watching a movie. During the 9 o'clock game my daughter walks in to bingo to get the car keys. She takes a seat next to me and waits patiently as to not interrupt my bingo game (we use blotters and they read the numbers very quickly). The drink server in the bingo area... older lady with glasses and multiple herpes on her lip (I'm so not joking) decides to walk over and ID my child who isn't even playing the game! My daughter is also legally deaf, she reads lips.. anyway she hands the lady her ID. Long story short, my daughter was asked to leave the Bingo area because of her not being 21. Understandable. But the problem came when my daughter left her phone where she was seated. She proceeded to walk back over to get her phone when the HERPE lady screams "GET HER OUT OF HERE" once again, my daughter is deaf.. so my daughter continues to walk towards me unaware of HERPE lady screaming.. I looked over to see another snotty faced, rude, hateful, old bag, horrible makeup wearing woman behind the Bingo customer service desk calling for security. Uhm, are you kidding me?? I stood up and let the two of them know that my daughter reads lips and that they are rude and they disgust me. I left in the middle of the game, wasted of money, no class, horrible disgusting place, smells terrible there... I will say this, there is one very nice soul working there, her name is Myra.. the kindest person that works there, she really should be promoted or given a raise. Thank you Myra for being the only smiling, warm hearted, kind face in that casino. ??