Viva Salsa Viva Salsa
Restaurant @ Boulder Station Hotel & Casino
First of all I have stayed here before and I knew the service is excellent. This trip proved to be the same. I was extremely happy with all the customer service I received from booking the room, checking in, the casino, and any of the restaurants. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TOP NOTCH and always has been! My room was very nice and the price was right, however, the bathtub was dirty! The tub was incredibly slippery and it was easy to see it wasn't clean. Gross! There is nothing worse. This was a disappointment because everything else was so great. Also, the blow dryer didn't work, I know this seems trivial but my stay was for one night and it was for an urgent family matter so it was a quick trip. I knew there were blow dryers in the rooms so I didn't pack one especially for 1 night. It was more of a frustrating inconvenience than anything to complain about because I am sure they would have provided a working one had I asked. Having limited time it was more annoying than anything. The Station Casinos are the best. The staff is always excellent. They remember me and I am not there too frequently and they make it a point to welcome and remember me everytime .