Club Bar Medusa
Restaurant @ Costa Cruises - Costa Mediterranea
Medusa Lounge is always a great spot to hear old hip hop/r&B mixed with new school hip hop. They have two rooms with different vibes, so if hip hop isn't your forte the other room usually plays reggae. The music is what really makes this place. Its also a good place to have a drink and chill with your friends; they have small patio for smoking as well. I recommend getting to medusa's early, so if the doors open at 9 pm be there before 10 pm. After 10 there is always a big line. you can easily wait 45 mins, sucha waste of time. They have two lines. One is an "express line" where you pay $10 or the regular line which is free but you have to wait because the express line always gets first dibs, not cool. Parking: They do offer parking for a price or you can drive around the neighborhood to find a free spot. If you get there early you can get a free parking spot around the corner.