The Excalibur The Excalibur
Restaurant @ Excalibur Hotel and Casino
This place is quite dated and in need of a remodel. The rooms are drab and boring. There is no fridge in your room. The lack of any kind of decoration in the room is quite alarming. The maid staff is kind and courteous though. Every single time I walked onto or off of the casino floor I was bombarded by staff asking me if I was staying in the hotel and try to offer me meal vouchers and family packages deals. This got old very quickly. I understand they are trying to cater to families, but you are alienating anyone who would want to spend actual money in your casino. Because of this I only gambled in their casino once. The rest if my time was spent at better less intrusive casinos on the strip. Stay away from here if your not looking to be bothered every day and actually want a room worth paying for.