Good Times Buffet Good Times Buffet
Restaurant @ Seminole Classic Casino
It was my first time ever going to the Hardrock Casino and it will be my last. I was with small group people and it was all of our first time attending this particular casino. The service was subpar compared to other casinos that I have visited and enjoyed but all we had a good time because of the party we were with. The problem came when we're leaving to go back to our cars we noticed barricades that were not there before and we were told by a security staff members that we had to get in line. There were two security guards randomly checking ID's and when I say randomly only asking to se the males ID's but ushering the women through. I was the second in line of my party of people and when it became my turn I asked the security guard what is the reason for the security check point while taking out my wallet, he replied in a abrupt and hostel tone "ID" as I began to open my wallet I asked him why are you needing to see my ID; he replied take your ID out of your wallet. I then replied to him are you going to answer my question and he called for another security personnel to come over. Who then stated the reason I was called over is because you refuse to show him your ID, I advised him that i only asked a question as to why is it that you need to see my ID and he refused to answer my question. Then he advised me that they ask to see ID of anyone that looks under the age of 30 after 10' o'clock in order to gain access to the clubs. I thought that reason was a crock of crap; but at least he is trying to offer some excuse. And while he was trying to explain the reason the original security guard was still interrupting and being flippant to the point the guy had told him to shut up because the way he was acting towards me was not warranted. I advised him that we are not going to any clubs, we are only trying to get back to our cars and was told to stand in line. He then advised us how to get to our cars so we don't have to go through the barricade. After spending the amount of money in that casino that I spent alone in that one night you would think that they would have hired and train staff that do not lack communication skills and who are customer service oriented. And for that reason alone I will never and I do mean never spend my money there again. Because that one incident ruined the entire night for everyone. And in my professional opinion that staff person really seemed unstable emotionally and lacks the necessary tools to be effective in that position.