Good Times Buffet Good Times Buffet
Restaurant @ Seminole Classic Casino
I didn't have any issues with security, but unless the casino security personnel are fully deputized, you can walk out to your car irregardless of what they tell you or ask of you. Even if they are deputized (probably not), they can be charged with false imprisonment or kidnapping depending on how they attempt to hold you there. If they touch you, it's assault. They can only ask for ID if you are entering the Casino for age verification. They can ask for ID on the way out, but you can tell them "no" unless they are fully deputized law enforcement AND if they have suspected you have committed a crime (Stop and Identify Statute). Then they have to tell you the crime you have committed or let you go. If they continue to detain you without stating the crime, it's kidnapping. If they're not deputized, they are no different than you or I asking someone to do something. They have no authority over you. Know the law and keep those cell phones rolling! Had a good time at the casino :)