Giardino Buffet Giardino Buffet
Restaurant @ Costa Cruises - Costa Romantica
Terribly overpriced ($8-11 for a salad). Today I got the nicoise salad (has tuna fish in it) and when I brought it back to the office, realized it smelled off and tasted sour. I drove all the way back, talked with the older lady [older than the kids who work there anyway] who seems to be the manager and told her it smelled and tasted off. She vehemently denied it being bad, even though she would not smell it. And said it came from a fresh can. I said, things in cans can still be bad. She glared at me and coldly handed me a card for a free salad next time. She did not apologize or say anything like that, or to please come again and thanks for your understanding. I will NOT be going back there. Also, for the price they charge for salad, I have gotten brown/mushy salad pieces in the past. Buyer beware.