Echo Ultra Lounge
Restaurant @ Indigo Sky Casino
It's very tough to write a meaningful review after only one visit, but this was my experience. My wife and I went the the Indigo Sky for our wedding anniversary last weekend. The hotel is very nice, cozy, and clean. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. The restaurants had good food with a nice menu and buffets. The prices are pretty reasonable. The casino; well, again, this is based only on one trip. The slots were tighter than Aunt Bessie's girdle. I played penny, quarter, and dollar slots, nothing was hitting. I walked the floor several times during our stay there and could not find anything that was paying back much of anything. I realize casinos are not in business to make other people money and I really do not expect to "win" when I play, but I do expect to be able to play longer than 20 minutes on a $100.00 bill. That was not possible on this particular weekend.