Emily's Fine Dining Emily's Fine Dining
Restaurant @ Quinault Beach Resort & Casino
We came to the beach for a great night away, I wish we had stayed home, we got player cards and the girl behind the counter rolled her eyes when we asked where the tickets go that she handed my wife, as I was about to get my tickets, a gentleman stepped right in front of me and said something about a suited blackjack? The girl pit my card down and then looked at me and said, 'Do you want me to do yours first?" I said he is clearly a regular and I will never be back so please help him, the gentleman actually appologized and was more genuine then the gal helping us. I made the mistake of ordering a Miller lite draft for my wife, you do not have draft as was pointed out by the cock tail server who clearly did not have time to explain that. The cash machine was down, the girl at the cage was extremely rude and the staff was very offset that we were there, it seemed that since we were not locals we were taking up the space that the locals would, I have never left a review before, but I have never been so poorly treated for spending my money,