Stix Sports Bar Stix Sports Bar
Restaurant @ Seven Feathers Casino Resort
I sat at bar playing video poker. 1.5 hours to get my chicken strips and mushrooms, after requesting them FIVE, yes FIVE times! I NEVER got asked for a beer had to ask for one, every time. After my third beer I sat the empty glass and set my timer on my phone, to see how long before bartender said something, or picked up empty glass. 17 mins later I asked for my check, told them worst service ever, and talked to the manager. She came back and said I took 10 off your bill, I said the food was 19. She made a very snide, condescending comment , " You had Zucchini" I said, No I didn't I had Chicken strips and mushrooms. She went back and figured the correct bill and did remove the food. This bar just sucks.