The Buffet The Buffet
Restaurant @ Harrah's Resort Southern California
We use to go to this place, when they had a less agresive manegment, and the machine and tables were less RIG than now, before you use to, loose some and win others, now not even the lobster that they use to entaice you to come in for, they stop giving it ,no more and the table games that were hand given are control and Extra Extra RIG and manipulated by the computers, even though they say that they are only shuffled ,they also acomodate the cards to be place for the players and to win by the casino that's why I still like Harras better cos at list they still sliding the deck by hand and giving you the cards by hand, and makes a bit of a better chances to win some that some times some dealers simms like ether they are to lucky for the Casino, and when they start to give good game for the players they change them right a way. To bad this system only has 5 * and you can't put - ( a minus) other wise I'll place a -10