Coffee Amoré Coffee Amoré
Restaurant @ Pala Casino Resort and Spa
I've been here a few times but on my last visit i was reminded why i don't like playing at this casino at all. The payoffs for one are horrible, I'm comparing to surrounding casinos. You do get free fountain drinks offered at self serve dispensers which is a plus but on a busy night it gets crowded and messy, and if they're being "serviced" you'd have to walk all the way across the casino to another one or chase down a waitress which is what i had to do. Unfortunately that doesn't include coffee either which is usually the most popular drink at most casinos, if you order one at the bar you actually get carded, YES! you get carded for buying coffee. The entertainment at the center bar looks like fun with live music, but again on a busy night don't expect much seating. The food seemed overly priced for quality, expect to pay $15-$20 minimum per person, and that's at the food court. Over all i'd say have fun spending all your money here (;