Max & Erma's Max & Erma's
Restaurant @ Tropicana Evansville
Hit and miss... I've been there 3 times (one take-out) and am questioning returning a fourth time. The first two times were great. The service was pretty fast. I got their garbage burger and fries on one occasion and a jalapeno burger the next for take-out when I was staying in the Tropicana hotel. Both were quite filling and yummy. A 9/10 experience by my rating... The third time I went (for dine-in), the place was maybe half-full and I got a sweet-tea served with an old napkin in the bottom with who knows what in it (hopefully I don't get some disease). Plus I had to wait 45+ minutes just for a simple burger and fries, which was mediocre when I got it. It didn't taste too bad, but I couldn't help but question myself on what was growing on the jalapeno seeds in my jalapeno burger - seeds are normally all-white. It was definitely not worth the wait regardless. A 2/10 rating experience this time.. Honestly, Burger King would have been better and MUCH cheaper this last time. For $12, you would expect an awesome burger and fries. Also, the waitresses ask you like every 2 minutes how you are doing. I am thinking like 'f*ck off', just let me eat for a minute without having to answer you with a mouth-full of food.. Overall advice... If you are dining-in or even carrying out, order later in the evening when they are not busy. Or just go get some Whoppers and fries and be pretty much as satisfied at 1/3 the price.