Lucky Joe's Lucky Joe's
Restaurant @ Saratoga Casino and Raceway
The people who work there are very nice and if it weren't for them I wouldn't even bother going there but as far as winning anything at the "Casino" and I use the term loosely, you might as well throw your money on the floor and have fun watching people find it! The machines are virtually shut off! 4 years ago you could actually win something and you would hear about someone winning about every half hour or so but those days are gone and they don't even give you a little to let you keep playing for a while it's just take and with no give! If you are there for several hours you might hear them announce a winner at which time they brag about how "There are thousands of jackpots every month and you could be next"! I would like to see them prove that! The place is so cheap you can't even get a large cup of coffee unless you can find a waitress that is willing to risk her job to sneak you one! Further more you will have to put up with a women screaming over the loud speakers about giving away $150 in Free Play to some lucky winner like they were giving away the house! No matter how many hotels they build the place will be just a bad memory once the Rivers Casino opens in Schenectady!