Charlie Palmer Steak
Restaurant @ Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR)
This has been my husband and my favorite date night place. Over the past year they have rolled out SO many menu changes that we will no longer be going. First change was understandable, no longer do they automatically bring sauces (bearnaise sauce, house sauce, ect...) with your $45 steak. You have to pay $4 extra for any sauce. Last time we went they changed the menu and upped prices once again (which were already high for what you get). Last night we went and no longer do they have a basic salad with your meal (which was changed this month [August 15']). The salads were all changed and now cost over $10 for a unimpressive size. We will be going to one of the many other fantastic steakhouses from now on. Totally bummed about this too. If you want a Filet (just meat) with sauce it's $50 + Salad $10-15 + Side dish $8-15= You are looking at a minimum of $75/person. Not including any drink, appetizer, or dessert.