Range Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel
Thought it would be a special experience to take my girlfriend to the Chicago Steak House on Valentine's Day, man was I wrong. I spent $280 which would have been fine if the experience was special but it was a disaster. Let's start with the waiter. I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, he brings the wine to the table starts to pour and I see he is pouring a red wine, I said that's not Pino, he says yes sir it is so I said let me see the bottle, finally he actually reads the label and saw that he was wrong so I waited a lengthy time for him to bring the correct wine. Next was the bread after we ate ours he stated he was going to get us more, he never did. We had to ask for water several times and finally had a server for another table get us some. We had to ask for A1 steak sauce twice from our server. We also noticed that other servers were lighting the candle on their tables, however, ours did not light ours nor did he light the one on the table beside ours that he was taking care of. Now to the food. I ordered steamed lobster and steak. I ordered the steak med rare, what I received was very rare on the inside and charred badly on the outside. I wasn't going to send it back to get the inside cooked right because I didn't want the outside blackened even more. My steamed lobster was not even warm but cold instead. My girlfriend ordered steak and crab legs. She said her steak was very good but she was unhappy that parts of the crab legs were hot and parts were cold. This was certainly not worth the $280 I paid. The waiter should be serving in the buffet not their high class restaurant and there needs to be more detail given to the quality of the food they are sending out.