Haute Dogs Haute Dogs
Restaurant @ Kansas Star Casino
Ran by idiots! Visit one: Waited forever for someone to take my order then left because no one ever did! Stalls filled with high school kids hanging out leaving customers nowhere to place order. Cars made several trips thru parking area before finally giving up. Car hops were hanging out with the other high schoolers. Visit Two: Again waited forever for someone to take my simple drink order. Finally after several minutes... success however waited 25 minutes before leaving without a drink. Visit Three: Basically the same as one and two however I luckily, after a while, got my order filled. Got home to find nothing remotely close to what I ordered. Visit Four: What!?! You think I'm an idiot? Three strikes and you're out. This is the absolute worst Sonic I've ever attempted to do business with. I have no idea who or IF anyone supervises the retards that work there but I'll never return!