The Grove
Restaurant @ Delaware Park Racetrack, Slots and Golf
DO NOT LIVE HERE. One of the main reasons I choose to live here was the scenery and gated community aspect. BUT DO NOT BE FOOLED. This place is a complete joke, ran by college students and maybe 2 adults. There are instances where eggs are thrown at my neighbors door, people stealing door mats and wreaths, glass bottles everywhere, and much more. If you want to live with a bunch of animals then this is the perfect place for you. They say they have "security" but no one is there when people come and trash the place. My personal vehicle has been messed up due to the "pranks" that go on around here. These people do not care about what happens to their residents and you literally pay so much money and they take advantage of the fact that most of these kids have mommy and daddy to pay for everything so they charge unnecessary fees and expect you to pay. These people are UNPROFESSIONAL and I am moving out as soon as my lease it up.

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