Royal India Bistro Royal India Bistro
Restaurant @ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
This is worst Indian Restaurant i have ever seen & experience in my lifetime in America. The food was cold & smells bad No handwash facity do not even provide warm lemon bowl for cleaning hands. Staff is not courteous specially the young Indian guy in front is very rude, no smile on face, not pleasant. Looks like he do not like Indian customers. Vow Indian restaurant & no respect for Indians great. There was no serving plates besides buffet, no small spoons along deserts. Waiters do not pay attention customer has to tell them hey we need some plates. Last & worse thing they charge for Roti in buffet, that means they compel & pressurise you to eat the preserved worse dough "Nan" which is not fresh, taste good initially but ultimately burn your stomach later stage. Vow India is famous for Roti/kapda/makan & this restaurant has no respect for Roti. Either the owner does not know about whats going on here or this Indian waiter do not like to serve Roti or the cook lazy. Roti is core base of Indian heritage and culture & food. If the owner is punjabi than he must understand significance of Roti. Please please please Mr. Owner do some changes add roti in buffet. You might loose 0.50$ but you will earn lot respect. Ye tumhare employee tumhara naam mitti me milaye diye hein you need to train them. Thank you & God bless you