Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar
Restaurant @ The Linq Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
I ordered Caesar salad with chicken skewers. The chicken was rubbery and seemed under cooked. I was told by the waiter that that was the way the chicken is, with a roll of his eyes but he would get me another serving. The manager came over and said the same thing. I explained I did not want to get sick. He reassured me I wouldn't and brought me the same food I had sent back but obviously cooked longer. It still had a strange rubbery texture and was inedible, in my opinion. Then when our party of 7 was ready to leave, the waiter told us we could not have separate bills- he could only get us 4 bills! The 4 bills had random food on them making it near impossible Along with not keeping up with drinks, slow service with a lot of bad attitude and screwed