Newcastle Casino Newcastle Casino
Newcastle, Oklahoma
It's okay to play here when they give you free money or bonuses . I'm not impressed with The games in the new section that's attached to the parking garage. They cost more to play and they seem to pay less. I do love the new parking garage. I hate to drive around fighting other cars do the same as I am looking to find a close space. But not finding one having to park out on the North 40 and walk forever. So I love the parking garage. THANKS! Wendy. without her telling me I honestly would have never tried to park there. It's closer and you have covered walking all the way into the casino. The food is WAY to expensive now since they built the "New" restaurant (Kitchen 44). They went up quite a bit on the prices of EVERYTHING. I suggests eating before you go, unless you want to pay $8 for a burger that tastes like $2 and be charged $2 more dollars for a drink that is free just 5 feet away outside the restaurant's entrance.