Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant Biloxi Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant Biloxi
Biloxi, Mississippi
Stayed here during spring break of 2016. Seemed okay... the problem I'd have was a noise in the restroom by the shower area. It would scare my 8 yr old son whenever he would use the restroom. Next.... woke up early this morning... used the restroom and flushed and next thing I know water was going everywhere! Flooded the entire restroom out, into the hallway in my room , into the hallway out my door and into the room across from me. It took maintenance every bit of mins to come after I made the call to the lobby. I explained on the second phone call they might want to hurry up because water was going everywhere! Needless to say... I'm in room 1706 and now they have to machine here to suck up the water. The logical thing to me would be , ma'am we will move you into another room. Hell no!!!! Now I'm quite disappointed!