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Restaurant @ Resorts World Casino New York City
I am some what perturb that the Jamaica community is asked to pay $5.00 for shuttle commute - The reason given for the charge is that the casino has noticed an influx of the homeless persons using the shuttle. If management experiences an issue with the homeless then it should be dealt with accordingly not at the expense of the JA patrons. We can no longer board the shuttle at the casino entrance but have to walk some distance whether it's RAIN, SNOW or whatever. I attempted to take the shuttle last Tuesday around 12:30 am and was shocked when i was told that the shuttle to JA stops running at 12:00 am. Correct me if I'm wrong. Would it have been so difficult for you to announce or flash an alert that the last JA shuttle will be 17 12:00 am. You did however remember to remind the necessity to print the $5.00 voucher. You boast a casino with a food court and not a decent dining restaurant. And, You will continue to display poor management until people realize that your operation can only survive by their patronage. I