Bar 360 Bar 360
Restaurant @ Resorts World Casino New York City
This world resort casino is evil,suck your blood. Don't come to this casino. No good you will lose all your money lose your family and lose your future. Don't expect to win any penny at this place. In 2015 I lost total 80000 dollars in this casino. I played baccarat. You think baccarat is 50/50 chane to win. But it is not. This casino using the machine. It could be control. I have many years experience to play this game but not at this world resort casino. I think this casino tricking people. First you only have 20 second to bet the game have no time to think. Second I think we are human can not win the machine is controlling. Machine could let you win or lose. All people I knew they came there all of them lose the money. No one have money to come back over there. Last year I am so stupid to let this casino sucked my money. Trust me. Don't come over to gambling. For hang out drink beer ok. No table game at this world resort casino. You should go to another casino have table game service good. This casino don't respect gambler. Again don't come to this casino don't come there I wish I have money to announce to everybody know don't come to this casino.