American Traditional Café American Traditional Café
Restaurant @ Oasis Springs Casino
Went to the Blue Sky Cafe & Bar with a group of ladies on Ladies night. The environment was clean and inviting. I would suggest having a host to welcome guest, but that's just courtesy. Before I say anything, please read all of the review.. One of the spotlights are the Martini's, I personally did not have a martini, but each lady that I spoke to said their martini's were not prepared properly. Either to strong or too sugary. My drink was a simple canned drink and was prepared over ice and was wonderful. All the previous complaints about food on here are definitely unfounded. At least from the items I tried. I tried the coconut shrimp and it was excellent, I tried the pretzel stix, again high quality, and lastly for my main dish i had shrimp Quesadillas and I have to say, these were the best I have ever had. I actually want to go back there today for lunch just to have these again. As for the service, our waitress was a little distracted, but we were a very loud and large group of ladies so I have to give her props. I did not have to wait for my drink long and she was constantly moving around working. . Great Job Blue Sky. Keep up with the great food and keep urging your servers to provide great service. I want to see you to continue to succeed.