Wok 52 Bistro
Restaurant @ Skyway Park Bowl & Lucky Dragonz Casino
I went there with a friend, and ordered two bud light tall boys (the cans that are slightly larger than average). upon ordering I was treated with mistrust and asked what kid of brew I wanted. I repeated that I wanted to bud light tall boys. bud light aluminum cans in blue about a foot tall (i'm estimating the height of said drinks), and in response I was told that I was cut off. after my friend who was a frequent patron of the place talked to the bartender, I went in and asked what exactly the problem was, so I could avoid it in the future. he responded with a hostile attitude and refused to discuss the issue, and called coworkers over to ensure that I was unable to bowl after that point. a single bud light tall boy is obviously not enough to cause a person to lose reason. you do the math.