Stix Stix
Restaurant @ Valley View Casino and Hotel
Sustenance in between the slot play Snax & Stix are the sole fast food options inside Valley View Casino, both occupying the same location - same lines for ordering & pickup. Stix Noodles & More provides Asian-inspired items for those not looking for the typical pizza & dogs. The menu is a mix of various cuisines. Sushi, pho, teriyaki bowls & various soup. Being the soup-loving son of a gun that I am, I chose the wonton soup ($6)- 5 wonton, with carrots, cabbage, green onions, peas in chicken broth & including crunchy wonton wrappers. Stix sure went heavy-handed with the peas. Lots & lots of peas. I didn't know wonton soup was supposed to come with peas. Other than that, however, the soup did the job and warmed the soul. The wontons were of a good size with a fair amount of meat filling. The broth was salty & flavorful, which I sipped in between daydreams of winning it big & going on a trip to an exotic location by the beach, wearing extra snug Speedo's ;p The wait for my soup wasn't long, even during lunch hour. Several tables available for dining, with scarcity depending upon the time of day. Stix Noodles & More offers up fair Asian cuisine. I wouldn't spend $8.50-$10 for their sushi rolls, nor their pho. But, the wonton soup was a respectable offering with a decent price. I was charged up & ready to go for more hardcore slot machine debauchery. Check it out! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM