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Restaurant @ Luxor Hotel and Casino
First, was disappointed with the quality of the food, the eggs were watery and tasteless, the biscuits were hard and stale, there were obvious entrées lacking, like in the Asian food section, there were holes where something should be, but only rice, chow mein and bakchoy were there. The sushi area was without, and the girl said that it all had to be gone before she could/would put out more, the "all" were tiny picked over pieces of sushi that were falling apart. Just like at the carving station, there was ham and turkey... what was the horseradish for? the beef gravy? Just about everything was lousy, bland, lukewarm, and depressing. I did appreciate that the bacon is Gluten Free... the only item I actually noticed with the GF circle on it... I am not a GF person, but I found it amusing. The highlight of our breakfast, the person before us dropped tongs into the syrup, and a guy in a chef coat (they all wear) with no nametag, that kinda looked like Mike Tyson, pulled them out and put them back for the next person, (my wife or I) to grab them and get our hands covered with syrup. So I pulled them out and slid them on the back of the counter... the actually ended up slipping off and onto the floor in front of him. He the got really belligerent and confrontational, wanting to know "what you do that for" to which I told him they were covered with syrup and people shouldn't have to use them. Also, I wonder about the hygiene standards... to me that seems the same as if someone were to have dipped their hands in the syrup, but really who knows how many people handled those tongs before they went in to the syrup. I would HOPE that if someone were dipping their bare hands into the food, it would be thrown out and replaced. Afterwards, a quick stop at the dessert bar, and I don't know about that, completely pathetic. I could whip together better desserts, and I am not by any means a pastry chef. There was not even ordinary about the buffet, it was entirely below average, and for the $20 or whatever a Saturday morning brunch is, totally not worth it. Even without the negative encounter, the missing food, the poor food, the horrible attitude of the staff... Except for our server, I cannot recall her name, but my wife went up to the buffet leaving her purse unattended, the waitress stopped by to tell us she kept an eye on it for us. She received a nice tip, much nicer than if she hadn't said anything since the rest of the experience was so unsatisfactory. The 1 Star is completely for the waitress. The rest of the experience would rank a 0.