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Nisqually Red Wind Casino Nisqually Red Wind Casino
Olympia, Washington
I visited Red Wind for the first time today. I was surprised at how big it was. Largest non smoking area of all the casinos I have been to locally. The entire casino was very clean as well. Lots of drink stations with a much larger drink selection than other casinos. They even have latte/cappuccino machines. I appreciate that they offer umsweened iced tea as well. That is what I drink and it is so hard to find places that offer it. There were tickets stations nearby whenever I needed one. The slot machines seemed to play decent. I won big a few times and lost some too. But I really liked the fact that they had so many new games and a big selection of old ones. Staff was all friendly and security was present throughout. That is something I really like to see when I am walking around with large amounts of money. I have read great things about the seafood buffet. And if you use your club points to pay you get 50% off food. I also noticed they have ice cream in their gift shop as you walk in the main entrance. Kind of like a miniature baskin and robbins with about 10 flavors. Looked good but it was breakfast time so I will try it next time. I will be visiting Red Wind again soon.