Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel Harrahs Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel
Murphy, North Carolina
I 've learned there slots are centralized changed and rigged, they don't have too change every machine just one on a set of the same gamiming, I was there today I played 3 slots, a couple of times. And relized if it don't pay what you bet, minimal don't play it, it's been changed upstairs in the central computer, there gaming is based on who comes in and where your from, and your age and gender and so forth, they could say they disagree, and deny what there doing, which they will to cover there insurance, too the consumer, Indian game rules state that they choose and control and the right too do so, too there gaming board is different on paper. If the state, federal ever ask for the the reports, there would be 2 sets, 1 deversion, one real. Its really just what they say, he responsible and walk away when it's not paying, you can learn the game on your first spin and relize Sunday's are the house taking days, and Fridays and most days, they only pay out for 1 hour a day, question is when they hit the free button is when you won't know. If you don't believe me check out the article on the new York times. Its what's going on, stick too private poker games like the old days. Other then my quote, here the casino is a great place too hangout, and have a few fun games, just don't expect a lot of win. Alot I heard from lost big time there and the same in cherokee, and won't go back. Its sad too hear, I don't think those places are designed for the general public and consumer, it's only for 2 percent chosen cause they never seen you there. Have fun and play responsible. And maybe they could change there ways and make fun for the general public. At least on some times you go too cherokee they keep you playing and give a little but. I'm not trying too rate them bad but unfortunate there not playing by the rules. They make there own we of rules cause they could, and there a great esblishment, and there too maintain a business. Just be aware of the cards and gaming. Thanks harahs I did have a few fun days and some good food, just don't eat the shrimp or anyrhing, 9.00 for a hot dog is 500 percent price gouge, and over deep fried food. Great employees, and there always giving great service, the serve tech for the machines are great cause they do come over too you in a timely manner. And help you on your questions about the game. I do give the place 4 stars, cause there trying too please the people in small amounts. Thanks for the fun time harahs.