Bar Bar
Restaurant @ Players Casino
My friend and I nicely dressed visiting from out of town went there Saturday May 29th 2015, the place was busy but we did find a table. After we got our drinks, mine was unstably placed on their coaster and when I went to pick it up being that the glass was sticking to coaster and table it went all over the place. I had to get paper towels from the bathroom to clean it up since I couldn't get anyone's attention to help us. When my buddy got done with his drink we went up front to get our bill and pay then the cocktail server finally saw us and rushed up to us as if we were not going to pay. She told us to go back to our table and would get us a ticket so then we waited for that and then went back to the front to pay again. Here she comes rushing up to us again staring at our every move to make sure we were paying. REALLY? I have money and I am not a thief. All I wanted was a nice drink and good service. I felt like I was not welcomed there, very strange place and not friendly.