Drinx Drinx
Restaurant @ Silver Legacy Resort Casino
Pay $200 for the jacuzzi 700 square foot room. Had to call maintenance to come fix the TV. The coffee maker in the bathroom did not work. There was a tube of body scrub used as the bubble maker in the jacuzzi. I woke up about 6:30 in the morning hungry, went down to the 24-hour cafe to go counter and the hostess huffed and puffed about taking my order. So I told her forget it went back upstairs and went to bed. That was Thanksgiving Day. I love paying for s***** service. It seems every time I stay at the Silver Legacy the experience is worse and worse. It seems as if some people forget how to earn their paychecks, they keep getting paid though. The room is on the 30th floor, the view was amazing. Security was nice. Makes me sad Silver Legacy used to be my favorite place in Reno!