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Restaurant @ River City Casino & Hotel
You'll want to actually read this one. If you want to know of quality of service and food... Ill try not to bash this place too hard, but I had horrible service. We got in and ordered our drinks except every time we went to order something our waitress sprinted away without anyone else being able to get a word in. From there it took about 5 minutes for the rest of the party to show up and about another 15 for us to even get orders in. The waitress was running away from the table so fast we had to yell back to her to get her back to put in appetizers. We were about to finally get orders in after 20 minutes overall. When we went to order there were about 5 things that they were out of including spinach dip, mac and cheese, and promo pasta, on a Sunday night. 1 of the 3 apps showed up about 20 minutes after we ordered and the other 2 were about 5-10 minutes behind that, as well as some entrees that started coming to the table just after that. Out of our party everyone received their food after about 40 minutes as I sat and waited, and waited, and waited. It was just over 1 hour between when I ordered my sandwich, to when it was placed in front of me, everyone else in the party was completely done with their meals as i'm just starting to eat. I was quite infuriated, but was not going to be rude. I started eating and was hoping that the amount of time I was made to wait was going to mean my sandwich was going to be good. On the contrary it was horrendous and probably one of the worst meals I've had. Our waitress said that the meal was on the house before I got it since it took so long, but I couldn't eat more than a few bites and i'm usually one to clean a plate in about 5 minutes. The tots were good though. I'm not in a place to know whats going on in the building so I try to give the benefit of the doubt to all parties associated, maybe the waitress was new, or was swamped, or a bunch of people got fired or had quit, or it could have just been inexperience. I could let it go if the place was even remotely busy, but it was a Sunday night and the place was practically empty. There were a few people watching football and i can honestly say there were about 1/6th the capacity of the restaurant seated. On top of that and the waitress dashing away in between orders/needs she didn't seem very happy or even nice with assisting or drink refills, almost seemed to be bothered. Also the beer I got was absolutely terrible and tasted like uncleaned tap lines with a hint of metallic tastes. I just stomached it and drank it instead of getting something different with the service I was getting. I didn't get a chance to tell her no thanks on a refill because she never asked. In a nutshell this is probably the worst place, considering how they are advertised in the local area. Not sure if I just so happened to be unlucky with that day but I would never recommend this place, but i can bet I wasn't unlucky because I went to the cookie shop around the corner and told my same story and was told by the really nice lady working that there had been 3 other couples that had come in and said roughly the same thing about Bar Louie. Food was not good, beer was terrible, service was an atrocity. You would be better off going to a fast food restaurant because at least they are held to mild standards.