Bar Central Bar Central
Restaurant @ River City Casino & Hotel
While visiting St. Louis my family and I stopped here for late lunch before heading back to Chicago. First, would like to say we stopped visiting the Bar Louie in Chicago; just nothing to be impressed about. Sadly, I see nothing has changed. At 2pm the place was not busy, but our order took a bit long. I ordered the Verde Pork Tacos, my tortillas were cold. I asked my waitress to bring me warm tortillas; she took the cold ones I had and reheated them herself; the problem is when tortillas get reheated they get hard! I wanted to ask for new, fresh tortillas, but felt she would do this herself with her dirty hands, so I did not say anything; felt it was worthless. I also asked for more green salsa and she brought me green water, yes green salsa water. I felt it was worthless saying anything, again. The rice pilaf in my order was fishy. I believe it had small chunks of shrimp in there. Why would shrimp and pork be served in the same plate? Why does Bar Louie do this? We also ordered chicken wings which were overly cooked, dry and the sauce was lacking. The cheese sauce in the loaded tater tots had a metallic taste to it. Finally, our waitress had long artificial nails, which as we all know, harbor bacteria. I'm certain she doesn't wash her hands. Her long, fake blonde hair should be pulled back to prevent hair from falling in food. The last straw has been reached with this restaurant chain. It reminds me of TGIF restaurants which are slowly closing down in the Chicago area. I recommend you do not waste your time or money at Bar Louie.