Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino Resort Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino Resort
Stateline, Nevada
Our group stayed here over the new year (Dec. 29 - Jan. 1) and had a very awful experience. The suite we had was quite nice with a full kitchen, large living room with a pull out bed, spacious bathroom and large bedroom. Unfortunately, the staff was quite horrible. Every interaction involved them taking an accusatory tone with us because they thought we would be throwing a party or breaking the rules just because we were in the area for the Snow Globe festival. That's not even the problem though... The first night, our group of four is up late (3AM) after the festival talking and making food in the kitchen. We were certainly laughing and having heated discussions, but we weren't playing loud music or running around or throwing a party. At 3:30AM we get a phone call from the front desk and they tell us to stop running around, playing music, and to quiet down in a VERY hostile tone. We say ok, but are generally confused because we were not being exceptionally loud. However, we comply and lower our talking to a whisper and stop moving around unnecessarily in our room. Five minutes later there is a security guard and the lady from the front desk knocking at our door threatening to kick us out (it is well below zero outside). We tell them that the noise complaints are likely for another room because we have been whispering and sitting still since the phone call 5 minutes prior. However, we apologize and go to bed. The next night (New Year's), we are doing the same thing, talking, laughing, and using the kitchen. The room below us has at least 15 people in it, people climbing into the balcony from the street, and obvious partying going on. We do not care about this one bit because it is New Years and this is to be expected. We, again, receive a noise complaint via phone call. We decide to go to the front desk and tell them that we are being very quiet and the noise complaint is probably mistakenly directed at us. On our way down to the front office, we see 5 police and management kicking a young group out of their room. These people are too intoxicated to drive and it is probably -3°F outside. Besides the fact that putting these kids outside is very dangerous, it is somewhat unreasonable to kick people out over noise complaints when it is New Years in what is essentially a party town (casinos, vacation areas, etc.) We go down and explain that the rooms above us and the one below are being loud and playing music BUT WE DO NOT MIND THIS AT ALL, we just don't want to get mistakenly accused of being loud and thrown outside into the below freezing cold. They say ok and say they will give them warnings, we adamantly tell them not to because it is New Years and having fun at late hours is totally ok and we do not care about it at all. Essentially, the hotel is nice, but it is a game of snitching here. We were walking on egg shells all 3 days even though we paid $1200 for this room. If you stay here, you will have to whisper, will not be allowed to have people over, cannot move quickly, cannot play any music, cannot laugh for fear of being kicked out and fined. This hotel has a strict no fun policy, so unless you are planning on getting away to beautiful lake Tahoe in hopes of laying in bed and reading with duct tape over your mouth, DO NOT STAY HERE! If you stay here in winter, just know that you may get kicked out at 3AM, so bring a tent, sleeping bag, and signed will.