Buffet at Bellagio Buffet at Bellagio
Restaurant @ Bellagio
I think the Bellagio Buffet is the best buffet in Las Vegas. I've tried almost all the top tier buffets, and no other buffets matches the variety and taste of Bellagio. I have yet to try Cesar Palace, but for now I think Bellagio is #1. I think their Prime Rib is top notch considering this is a buffet. It was nice and juicy. They also have Poke in which I really enjoyed. The buffet is usually empty on normal days, but if you were to visit during the holidays the price jacks up to about $50/person (normally around $36/person) and the wait is about 2-3hrs. I went on thanksgiving, and it was about a 3hr wait. Definitely keep in mind of that!