Dover Downs Hotel & Casino Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
Dover, Delaware
I don't know why people make comments about old people. If you go in tbe day you're going to find alot of people that are retired, therefore, old. Should they stay in the house because you don't want to look at them. I don't care who is there. Who sits next to me, etc as long as they're pleasant. I've lived about 30 minutes from the casino for 17 years and go quite often. But now that I'm old and handicapped I have more comments to make how they don't make things easy if your handicapped. They have no family bathroom so if one spouse is OK and the other is in a wheelchair there's no bathroom for them to help the person out. Even the bathrooms that are handicapped accessible aren't big enough to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter. Ost of the bathroom attendants don't even bother helping close the door behind you. The buffet is OK but their vegetables are under cooked and again if you're handicapped there's no one to help you get the food. You can ask them and they probably would but you're in a scooter, you can carry a plate, can't they just ask you. When they give tbe gifts out, that people gambled all month for, they have no line for handicapped or elderly people that can't stand a long time. Then they stand there checking your id, card, etc. If I want a gift that I played all month for why can't someone pick the gift up for me. I'm retired so I don't go alot on Saturdays because it's so busy. I can't walk so its alot to try to pick.up a gift and carry it to my car so I don't most of the time. Tbe few times I stayed at the hotel the rooms were nice and kept clean and they do give alot of comps. Their marble floor is crazy if you're old or walk with a cane or Walker because you can fall easily. The payouts, for the most part aren't great. They should hire people that ask people that are handicapped at the buffet, trying to carry a gift to their car etc if they need help. Sure I'm old and handicapped but I worked my whole life for that money so I expect to get some help if I need it without it being such a big deal. I'm retired so