Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
Reno, Nevada
This was my first time staying overnight at the GSR, and I was tempted to just leave. I understand that Spring Break week is busy and my room was complimentary, so I shouldn't complain, but I waited an hour for a king room to be cleaned and it wasn't even clean when I finally got it. There was dried urine on the toilet seat, hair and dried soap in the tub, none of the mirrors were wiped down, and the floors were ignored. I called it in at 8:30 PM and was told they'd send someone. I had to call again at 930 PM, since no one came, just to find out it would be another hour because housekeeping was backed up. I didn't get to sleep until midnight, though I had planned to sleep early for an early following day. While I did enjoy a very comfy bed and I prefer GSR for gambling, entertainment options, and location, I will never pay for a room here due to this experience.