SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
Pro - Room of this hotel is amazing. Love the theme and decoration. New hotel and it's on the Strip Con - BEWARE OF THIS HOTEL. LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILL Day one, Arrive at Midnight, hotel clerk asked us to wait give them 5 mins due to the system error. Instead of letting us know what's going on, we waited for almost two hours and get in line for three time to be inform they were over booked. Hotel clerk and manager did not even bother to check with us during that time period. Day two, They called us in the morning to check in again. Morning shift clerk is super helpful and friendly. We went to our room and drop off our luggage. Comes back at night time, I notice someone entered our room while we were gone, a pair of sticky socks were left on the carpet. He/She moved all the pillows to the sofa and lastly he/she forgot to turn off the freaking light (Come on !! At least turn off the light !!) In Addition, I received an email from their social media, asked us to send them some information regards last night, so they can get in touch with us. Send them an email right away and never hear anything back from them. What a waste of time.