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Mar 29 '16 at 13:56

My parents used to love this cruise line. They went on 8 cruises without a major hitch, then the 9th cruise happened... the only way I can describe it is a major medical malpractice issue coupled with a cruiseline "doctor" that clearly gets kick backs from hospital in St Lucia to strand unsuspecting healthy passengers there until they bleed them dry of all personal assets and then and only then will they release their hostages. My dad needed some antibiotics and nothing else.... $50k+ later the hospital in St Lucia finally released him ONLY by way of a crazy expensive MEDEVAC flight to Florida. The MEDEVAC crew felt so sorry for my parents because they knew it was a scam. The doctors in Florida checked him out and gave him a clean bill of health. What the doctor from Princess cruise line did was completely UNETHICAL and CRIMINAL! I expect stuff like that from a hospital in St Lucia, but not from Princess. I will tell everyone I know to avoid them!!!