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Mar 21 '16 at 3:57

Went here for the first time and wasn't expecting much but was still let down. Place is a total joke. I had 500 bucks on me and was thinking that would last me a good few hours at least. I was broke in under an hour. I even played some 5 cent keno and still managed to be broke in 45 mins. Unbelievable. I was appalled. Place is a mess. Way too bright inside. There was heavy security. Unnecessary amount of security. Though I guess that made me feel safer since the people there were a touch scary. Some drunk Hispanics were hassling me even though I was with my boyfriend. Security did nothing to help. Loud lame music. Music that was inaudible due to the fact the speakers were either blown or they had bad reception or a weak wiring job. If you have a choice to go there or twin pines or cache creek...definitely go to one of the others that are somewhat close by. You will have a way better experience. Konocti needs a major makeover. Oh and no cash machines. You have to stand in line for the one cashier on duty!